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Every Day

This song is by Brainpool.

I've been wasting my life since the day i was born
My eyes were red and my clothes were torn
Looking for a new kick every night

I've been wasting my time and my money too
Doing silly things I didn't want to do
But now that I've found you I feel allright

And everything you want is everything you get

Every day
Every night
Every week
I sing la la la la la
All night long
Hear my song
La la la la la la
This is what I sing
When I'm in love with you

I've been facing some trials before I met you
Been kicked around and beaten blue
But now that I've found you I feel allright

I've been changing my life since the day I met you
You picked me up and you pulled me through
My love for you will never never die


And guess we can't be happy, not all of us
Guess some of us must suffer for lovers joy


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