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​Cause I Love You

This song is by Bradford.

Cause I Love You

Oh yes,
Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, oh yeah
Oh- oh

Think about the time
You was growin' up
You know it was nice
All your true friends
You know when you go and play
It was right
You know we stood up for one another
You know we never did fight
We understand about our blessings
We know our family raised us right
So what I want to say to you
I want to say it's not new

'Cause I love you
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wo
'Cause I love you
Oh yeah!

You see it's gonna be a day
When you have to give up everyway
You got to understand it's gonna be
Simply put, you know it's you and me
We know we got to give an account
Stand up, you know you work it on out
Nothing better than the love you give
Surely know the love is comin' from kids

'Cause I love you
Oh yes
Ghetto Days
'Cause I love you
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wo
Oh yeah!
'Cause I love you
'Round the world
'Cause I love you
Ghetto Days

'Cause I love you
Ghetto Days
'Cause I love you
Ghetto Days
Wo wo wo, oh yeah
'Cause I love you

Don't let the days go by
When you know you have to try
To make a difference in this world
To make a change and make a gain
I want to say before I go
That love can make this whole world grow
If we just stop and give it a chance
We know there's love for man ...

Written by:

Gregory Bradford