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Last Omen

This song is by Brad Strut and appears on the album Legend: Official (2007).

(Some God damn time... a man's due to stop arguing with himself. Feeling he's twice the God damn fool he knows he is. Because he can't be something he tries to be every god damn day without once getting to dinner time and not fucking it up. I don't want to fight it no more. Can you let me go to hell the way I want to?)

The world is venom filled
I'm caught in the pen and grill
Deal with the devil still
Retirement never will
Till silence dead and dusted
Spread amongst it
I'm spreading tough spits
Brad's brain is now erupted
Up in the function named in the social stop shit
Culture fill of vultures
Fed up with all the corruption
My tongue twists like a lez porn scene
A fiend among hips and lips that are equipped to please
I'm hip to sleaze
I rip with these
And fit the steeze
I'm sick with these
My whole motive is split the skis
Supposedly we the talk of the town
I walk around while you posers be yapping your mouths
I'm stacking the pounds
And writing like I'm already gone
Remember these songs the lyrics and the beats they be on
I'm speaking in code
My sneakers give me grip on this road
I'm freaking the flows
You don't even come close so leave it alone
Caught in a haze of C-grade celebrities
These days my energy's being laid defensively
I'm setting snake traps and rap bays for fake cats
And can't get their facts straight
So you fuckers will take that
Like a boy band your toys are bland copies
And your still in the mix like poison clan at Robbie's
I'm about to change the future
Aim and shoot ya
Tame and moot ya
Stake a claim to remain who's the
Main name in the game it's LC and
Two hells freeze and break away from your well-being
And good fortunes are hood's four shoes and denim
I contort you to lord of courts and a Satan's heaven

Take a deep breath in enjoy the last moment
We live in a world infected
Even jar froze then
Been neglected I reckon
It leaves you heartbroken
We'll bring the beast in a second
This is my last omen

So many characters villainous
Angelic and amateurs
Professional packages, pacifists and savages
Interference like a third wheel labyrinth
I'm here to steer toward a new world, activist
Get the coke broken
I roam moping in a zoned out state
So put the phone down
Stowed to a low sound [break]
And the poem now leak onto papyrus
Rap is full of with modern day pirates
And blind pilots, flying without a license
And shysters that walk around thinking they be the nicest
I'm fucking over it
Dead body odorous
And a troubled hand on a shovel hoping nobody notices

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