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You Have That Effect On Me

This song is by Brad Paisley and appears on the album Part II (2001).

Every morning the last couple weeks
In between shaving and brushing my teeth
I'd lean on the sink and practice my lines
By now you would think they'd be memorized

But leave it to me to come all this way
Get down on one knee and forget what to say
I'm at a loss, should have known this is how it would be
'Cause you have that effect on me

I must admit I don't understand
Why I lose my head holding you hand
There's no explanation, no simple excuse
For this intoxication I feel around you

And now truth be known since I've met you girl
I've been walkin'around in my own little world
One look in my eyes and darlin' any fool could see
That you have that effect on me

You've had your eye on a two carat ring
I finally went out and I bought it
Right now it's at home sittin'on my TV
Would you believe I forgot it

But you cant blame me 'caus it's plain to see
That you have that effect on me
Yeah, you have that effect on me
Yeah, you have that effect on me

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