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Somebody Knows You Now

This song is by Brad Paisley and appears on the album Mud on the Tires (2003).

You use to say
You wanted someone
To know you inside out
And as I look back on things
Well congradulations, baby
Somebody knows you now

All of this time
You told me you wished
That you could figure yourself out
You say you're still a mystery
But no, not really
Not to me
Yeah, somebody knows you now

I've got a hundred bucks
That says right now your hair's up in a clip
Your socks don't quite match
And you're biting your lip
I can finish your thoughts
Oh, pick the right restaraunts
Even order for you before you sit down
Yeah, somebody knows you now

So no matter where
Your life's path leads
Remember me, somehow
And feel a little warm inside
Knowing that somewhere tonight
Somebody knows you now

Oh baby, all your mystery
Like you and me is history
'Cause somebody knows you now

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