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I Meant To

This song is by Brad Cotter and appears on the album Patient Man (2004).


Things get in the way
The rush of everyday
Ordinary stuff we all get into
Wouldn't it be sad, if all you ever had
was a granite epitaph that said 'I meant to'


So any pretty woman I didn't take the time to kiss
Any crazy thing I didn't do, 'I meant to'

Any dirty liar I didn't stare right in the eye
and make him tell the naked truth, 'I meant to'

I'm always on the run some things get lost some things get done
But if I didn't have all the fun I meant to, 'I meant to'

And if I never came out and said to each and everyone I love, how much I really do, 'I meant to'


Maybe this one chance
Is all we really have
Maybe all you got, is what you get to
Well I ain't gonna cry
I'll give it my best try
Then kiss the world goodbye and say 'I meant to'


I meant to
I meant to

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