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This song is by Boz Scaggs and appears on the album Dig (2001).

Payday (measures and Breaks)

By Credits (Boz Scaggs/David Faich)
Hey you steppin' on my head
Why you gotta throw rocks in my bed
Mr. Shoeshine, could you kindly keep it down
Do we really need an Apocalypse right now?

Where's my sunshine, Sunshine was my friend
She was good to me, right up to the end
Where I left her, well it's hard to tell
Got to call, just a soon as I get well

Come payday'
Everybody gets strange
Talking 'bout my Payday, hey hey
Better get out my way, baby

I don't mind a job, work's no big deal
It's just how they treat you, how they make you feel
I'll take my check, you take your mood
Let's just say, whatever man, whatever gets you through

Come payday'
Blow those blues away, boy
Talking 'bout my Payday, hey hey
Don't be waitin' up for me

Brothers, Sisters
Tonight we party, tonight we're dancin'
Hey, we're talkin' the ultimate smash of a lifetime

This one's on me'..

(Solos) (8-10 measures)

Sometime's it like a war in here, Face the night alone
But ever since I work up, felt it in my bones
Waiting for that hour's all that keeps me clear
There's gonna be some lightnin' strike when I get outta here

(Quiet bass/guitar/drums) Cause it payday, y'all
Better stay out my way
Talking 'bout some hey day, hey hey
Man it's all comin' home

Payday, gonna shake it all down tonight
Payday, Gonna do my dance tonight

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