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Let It Happen

This song is by Boz Scaggs and appears on the album Slow Dancer (1974).

Now I'm the kind of guy
Don't let a good thing pass me by
I've added two and two
Come up with me and you
Why not let's give it a try

And I believe that you're the kind of girl
Who could brighten up this poor boys world
So stop your hesitating
Ain't no need to waiting
If you love me don't wonder why

Oh let it oh let it happen
You and me
Let it oh let it
Just let it happen
Let it happen to you
Let it happen to me
Come on now come on baby

Well I know you're daddy's girl
And I respect what your mama said
But I'm sure they'd understand
'Cause that's how mama got a man
And that you can't deny

And I believe that it's time you realized
And opened up your pretty eyes
And see that when the real thing comes along
You'd better get it before it's gone
Just don't let it pass you by

Let it whoa let it
Let it happen
To you and me baby
Let it oh oh let it happen
Let it happen to you
Darling let it happen to me
Come on come on baby

Let it oh let it just let it happen
One more time baby
Let it please let it happen

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