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Hell To Pay

This song is by Boz Scaggs, features Bonnie Raitt and appears on the album A Fool to Care (2015).

Well I got a Senator over in Texas.
Got me a judge down in New Orleans.
Bought me a Senator over in Texas
And a judge down in New Orleans.
Sometimes I call the world my oyster
Sweetest little deal you've ever seen.

Well the one kid's high on God knows what and
The other one smashed the Benz.
Between the bank boys and the lawyers
I don't know where it ends.
Sometimes I got to wonder about
Living high in the hog.
There's times I wish I'd married me
A woman instead of buying this fierce old dog.
Can't Say the old man didn't warn me
When he's bringin' me judgment day
And one little thing I forgot to
Remember, there's a matter of some hell to pay

And then here comes shifty and his new 150 he
Wants to take me for a ride.
Saying hey little mamma how 'bout a little drama.
Why don't you just hop in inside?
Said I might look like a yokel
But I'm high tech mogul with a tiger in my tank
I said oh my goodness you're a real smooth
Talker I believe I'll take that drink.
But first thing buddy better cool your jets
Before you make your play
You gotta feed the kitty and oh yes
Well there's a matter of some hell to pay.

Well now you got your devil in the details.
Got your devil in the cake
You can't look around most anywhere
That the devil ain't on the take
He's waiting on down at the end of the isle
He's a waiting at the pearly gates.
I'd say the man's about everywhere
Ubiquitous some might say
Truth is he's worn out all us fools
Ain't no one left to play
He's bored, he's mad, he's all shook up
And there's gonna be hell to pay.

Well we've dirtied up the waters
We pretty much trashed the earth
The butcher and the baker and everybody else
Has taken it for all its worth.
Sayin' "me oh my it was a big old pie
And I sure as hell filled my cup"
That Senator's a comin' on a big white horse
And the judge is gonna fix me up
But if ya complicate this moment
It's time to fight and pray
'Cause now it's time for the money shot baby
Time's up and there's hell to pay

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