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What The Deal

This song is by Boyz II Men and appears on the album Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya (2000).

From your legs up to your mouth you look so edible
Don't have to speak you spirit, it's just legible
And when you lick your lips, I swear girl I go medical
Let the mystery unfold

What the deal mommy
Can we make a deal
Let me show you mommy
That my love is for real
Got the goods baby
Make you wanna reveal your heart
So can we deal mommy
'Cause I got what you need
Girl I want you do close to me
Girl I promise we will never be apart

Tonight I'll take you there
Lay back and close your eyes
I'll make this lovin' hurt so good
But you won't want to cry
So let me put my love inside you
Make you tremble, ever so
Gentle baby, don't let go

Chorus (Repeat)

Why don't you open up your heart and let me in
I'll tell you what the end is before we begin
I'll be swimming in an ocean filled essence of you
Your world's surrounding me
Your love is drowning me
I can see my future when I look in your eyes
Loving you forever we will always be together
That's the real mommy
What do you feel mommy
What's the deal mommy
I wanna make you reveal your heart

Chorus (Repeat)

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