Boysetsfire:Is This All There Is? Lyrics

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Is This All There Is?

This song is by Boysetsfire.

not in the running, but this rain is nothing new to me anyway.
i see my reflection, no where near who i should be.
the spirit is willing, but the anchors of my flesh still hold me down.
with every distraction, i lose more of who i should be...

how many times to try, before i realize,
the flaws in my design make me have to ask why...
why'd you make me so weak?
i tried, but i'm incomplete.
is there this all there is, all there is to me?

how many chances at redemption do i think i'll ever get?
i keep changing my rhythms, for a shot at something more.
miracles happen, so why do i feel like i've been left behind?
is it in my nature to look for what i can't find?

i should be a better man.
is this all there is?
i can pick myself up again.
is this all there is?
i hope that one day i'll make up then
but right now, this is all there is to me

no matter how i pray, i will never be complete
cause right now, this is all there is to me