Boy Meets Girl

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Boy Meets Girl (1985)Edit

Boy Meets Girl - Boy Meets Girl
Boy Meets Girl
  1. Oh Girl
  2. Don't Tell Me We Have Nothing
  3. The Touch
  4. Kissing, Falling, Flying
  5. From Now On
  6. Be My Baby
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. I Wish You Were Here
  9. Pieces
  10. Premonitions

Reel Life (1988)Edit

Boy Meets Girl - Reel Life
Reel Life
  1. Bring Down The Moon
  2. Waiting For A Star To Fall
  3. Stormy Love
  4. Is Anybody Out There In Love
  5. Stay Forever
  6. If You Run
  7. One Sweet Dream
  8. No Apologies
  9. Restless Dreamer
  10. Someone's Got To Send Out Love
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