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Sold (1987)Edit

Boy George - Sold


  1. Sold
  2. I Asked For Love
  3. Keep Me In Mind
  4. Everything I Own
  5. Freedom
  6. Just Ain't Enough
  7. Where Are You Now? (When I Need You?)
  8. Little Ghost
  9. Next Time
  10. We've Got The Right
  11. To Be Reborn

Tense Nervous Headache (1988)Edit

Boy George - Tense Nervous Headache

Tense Nervous Headache

  1. Don't Cry
  2. You Are My Heroin
  3. I Go Where I Go
  4. Girl With Combination Skin
  5. Whisper
  6. Something Strange Called Love
  7. I Love You
  8. Kipsy
  9. Mama Never Knew
  10. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted (CD Bonus Track)
  11. American Boyz (CD Bonus Track)
  12. Happy Family (CD Bonus Track)
  13. No Clause 28 (Japan Bonus Track)

Boyfriend (1989)Edit

Boy George - Boyfriend


  1. Don't Take My Mind On A Trip
  2. You Found Another Guy
  3. Whether They Like It Or Not
  4. I'm Not Sleeping Anymore
  5. Lies
  6. Big Dark Man (Waiting)
  7. Girlfriend
  8. No Clause 28 (Hi-Energy Mix)

The Martyr Mantras (1991)Edit

Boy George - The Martyr Mantras

The Martyr Mantras

  • as Jesus Loves You
  1. Generations Of Love (Oakenfold Mix)
  2. One On One (Brydon LP Mix)
  3. Love's Gonna Let You Down (Popcorn Mix)
  4. After The Love (10 Glorious Years Mix)
  5. I Specialise In Lonliness
  6. No Clause 28 (Pascal Gabriel Mix)
  7. Love Hurts (LP Mix)
  8. Siempre Te Amare
  9. Too Much Love
  10. Bow Down Mister
  11. Generations Of Love (Seventies Mix)

At Worst...The Best of Boy George and Culture Club (1993)Edit

Boy George - At Worst...The Best of Boy George and Culture Club

At Worst...The Best of Boy George and Culture Club

  1. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
  2. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
  3. Church Of The Poison Mind
  4. Karma Chameleon
  5. Victims
  6. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
  7. It's A Miracle
  8. Miss Me Blind
  9. Move Away
  10. Love Is Love
  11. Love Hurts
  12. Everything I Own
  13. Don't Cry
  14. After The Love
  15. More Than Likely
  16. The Crying Game
  17. Generations Of Love (La La Gone Gaga Mix)
  18. Bow Down Mister (A Small Portion 2B Polite Mix)
  19. Sweet Toxic Love (Deliverance Mix)

Cheapness And Beauty (1995)Edit

Boy George - Cheapness and Beauty

Cheapness and Beauty

  1. Funtime
  2. Satan's Butterfly Ball
  3. Sad
  4. God Don't Hold A Grudge
  5. Genocide Peroxide
  6. If I Could Fly
  7. Same Thing In Reverse
  8. Cheapness And Beauty
  9. Evil Is So Civilised
  10. Blindman
  11. Your Love Is What I Am
  12. Unfinished Business
  13. Il Adore

The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit (1999)Edit

Boy George - The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit

The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit

  1. Gi Josephine
  2. Mr. Strange
  3. She Was Never He
  4. Number One
  5. Spooky Truth
  6. In Maya
  7. Vanity Case
  8. Broken Spirit
  9. Suffragette City
  10. Who Killed Rock N Roll

U Can Never B2 Straight (2002)Edit

Boy George - U Can Never B2 Straight

U Can Never B2 Straight

  1. Ich Bin Kunst (I Am Art)
  2. St. Christopher
  3. She Was Never He (Unreleased Mixed Version)
  4. Cheapness & Beauty (Acoustic Version)
  5. Fat Cat (Acoustic Version)
  6. If I Could Fly
  7. Unfinished Business
  8. Julian
  9. Wrong
  10. Letter To Schoolfriend
  11. The Deal
  12. Am I Losing Control?
  13. Same Thing In Reverse
  14. Il Adore
  15. Bow Down Mister
  16. Out Of Fashion (Hidden Track)

Ordinary Alien (2010)Edit

Boy George - Ordinary Alien

Ordinary Alien

  1. Turn 2 Dust
  2. Yes We Can
  3. Brand New
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Don't Wanna See Myself
  6. If I Were You
  7. Go Your Own Way
  8. Here Come the Girls (featuring Ave D)
  9. Seconds (featuring Phillip Something)
  10. After Dark
  11. Kill the A&R
  12. Human Racing
  13. Look Pon U

This Is What I Do (2013)Edit

Boy George - This Is What I Do

This Is What I Do

  1. King of Everything
  2. Bigger Than War
  3. Live Your Life
  4. My God
  5. It's Easy
  6. Death of Samantha
  7. Any Road
  8. My Star
  9. Love and Danger
  10. Nice and Slow
  11. Play Me
  12. Feel the Vibration
Canada/USA bonus tracks
  1. Turn On A Little Light For Me
  2. Make You Feel My Love
  3. Video Games

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

  1. Live My Life (from the soundtrack Hiding Out)
  2. The Crying Game (from the soundtrack The Crying Game)


  1. More Than Likely (with P.M. Dawn)


  1. State Of Love (B-side of Keep In Mind)
  2. Use Me (B-side of Everything I Own)
  3. Are You Too Afraid (B-side of Sold)
  4. Leave In Love (B-side of Don't Cry)
  5. A Boy Called Alice (B-Side of Don't Cry)
  6. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (B-side of Il Adore)

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
  2. Armageddon
  3. Believe
  4. Breakdance Hunx (PSBeuys PNP)
  5. Crystal Blue Persuasion
  6. Dream
  7. Grand Scheme Of Things
  8. Hiroshima
  9. How D'ya Keep Your Credibility?
  10. I Pray - '87 Remix
  11. I Specialize In Loneliness
  12. Ich Bin Kunst
  13. If I Were U
  14. Is There Cream In This Soup?
  15. Lions Roar
  16. Losing Control
  17. Masheri
  18. Moghul Tomb
  19. Mr. Strange
  20. Next 2 You
  21. Oh Lord
  22. Peculiar World
  23. Put It Down
  24. Radio 1
  25. Run Run Run
  26. Stand Down
  27. Stranger In This World
  28. The Real Feminem
  29. Welcome To Your Life (Woop, Woop)
  30. When Will You Learn
  31. Why Go?
  32. You Are My Sister
  33. You Spin Me Right Round

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