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Red Wine In Tunis

This song is by Box Codax.

Red wine in Tunis
Or white one in Rome
Blond girls in
Or a brown one at home

Shall we dance at Rico's or Roco's
Whose gonna help me to decide for tonight

You know I just turned into off shore
Don't worry I won't stay away for too long
Now hand me red wine for diner
And heat me a steak

Now or never

Blue eyes in Groenland
Read ones in Suisse
But what shall I wear for tonight
A green suit with blue socks
Or just about nothing
I just can't decide for tonight

They told me you've been ready
When I left port of Chilene
Oh now I've decided
Because I've learned you liked it
But from now on I'll decide on my own


Written by:

Nicholas John Mccarthy; Alex Wagner

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