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No Release

This song is by Bowman and appears on the album Mobius Trip And Hadron Kaleido (2011).

She's changed, she's new now.
She's moved on somehow.
The pain is gone now,
But she still needs room to breathe.
You've changed, you're silent.
From all those years spent,
Explaining what it is you really meant.

Now you won't say it aloud.
You'd rather be silent and proud,
But down inside you still lies the beast.
If she's the reason you live,
You'll only get what you give,
And what you give her is no release.

You've changed, you've grown up.
Your wounds have sewn up.
Your time has shown up,
Yet you still can't find your way.
No lies, no secrets.
This is your life, now keep it.
In time you'll see it.

The faces you have put on,
Have held you back all along.
You're a king not a pawn so cease.
To be so loyally fake,
You'll only get what you take,
And what you've taken is no release.

And one day everyone will smile again
Will be like a child again
And look behind us
And think of all the stuff that's goin' on
The stuff we're growin' on.

It's an ashen quadrant affair,
Except you just don't care,
Your only aim has been to appease.
Lay down your pride and your gun,
You're not the only one,
Who's still looking for some release.

And if the rules they can bend,
You know you still could be friends,
But it doesn't rely on me.

This is as far as I go,
I only say what I know,
And what I know is you need release.

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