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This song is by Bowling for Soup and appears on the album Rock On Honorable Ones (1997).

I know you don't come from here
Believe me I am very aware and I'm sorry
But you were a sad little girl
Who got caught up in this world and I'm sorry
So sorry, you feel so sorry all the time

You think you're everything
Some brokenhearted martyr (disco) queen
The reason for the setting sun
Believe me you're the only on
She's the only one

Only one who knows so off the little queeny goes to flaunt her ill begotten diamonds and her elevated nose
My numbers in her pocket told her call me up some time yeah there's just no pleasing queeny now that queeny's lost her mind'(repeat)

I tried to write a song
And rule out all of the wrong it said I'm Sorry
Hey girl lets go on a date
See a movie or roller skate I'm sorry
So sorry, you feel so sorry all the time

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