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The Dog In Me

This song is by Bow Wow and appears on the album Beware of Dog (2000).

I'm the hottest thing to hit the block
Since the CL5
From CO to ATL I keeps it locked
Like a fresh pair of 23's, once seen
Can't get enough of me, my team
Getting paper from all angles
Which means everybody got a triangle
Ya heard me?
I'm the truth like beans
And when it comes to teens in this rap thing
You looking at the mob
Not to mention that I'm hot
Yeah you already know
And I shuts down the block everywhere that I go
Call me the Tiger Woods of this
Yeah I'm gettin' explosive
I come with the dopest flow at 13 like whoa
1 - Little girls think that I'm deliscious
Grown folks say I'm just too viscious
But they don't understand

It's just the dog in me
And that's just the way I am
Mess with me you get bit
In 2k I ain't having it
What y'all don't understand?
It's just the dog in me
And that's just the way I am
Lil man with the big checks
Lil man that's got big girls
Wanting to teach me about sex

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