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Playin' the Game

This song is by Bow Wow and appears on the movie soundtrack Like Mike (2002).

(Just blaze)

If you're walking through the mall
And you here somebody say (whistle)
You gotta turn back at 'em
And you know what, I gotta do the same thing (whistle) (Hahaha)
It's that new 2003 call ladies (whistle) (Hahaha)
Fo' shizel so so def

All I'm trying to do is get my dough up
I'm your boy, you're my girlfriend, stop, hold up
I ain't in no kinda rush to grow up
So slow up, I'm just playing a game
Boy, your girl before you get up off of me
You might've think you got me
But you're never really with me
So don't trip if you see me doing my thing
I told ya
I'm just playing a game

I'm at the mall on Saturday
I ain't got no cap on my salary
So you know I'm tearing it up
I mean, there's so many girls here
Every time I look, I see them looking back at me
And they're saying, what up
I'm too young to wife sutin'
So you no my game pumping
Like, baby, let's talk
Let's hang, do something
What about them digits, can I get that?
She write 'em down
I give her pound and say I'ma holla back
Next door, just more of the same activity
I'm up in Tiffany's talking to this girl name Brittney
She trying to roll with me
She trying to shot with me
She trying to do whatever whatever it takes to get with me
Like I'm easy
How you gonna act like my name ain't Bowzie
And I ain't got breezies

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