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This song is by Bourgeois Tagg and appears on the album Bourgeois Tagg (1986).

I never had any soul, I couldn't really funk
I couldn't rock and roll but I've changed
I used to have no control, I used to be slow and fat
But I've changed all that, and it's much better now (now)
I could have been a white boy soldier
I could have had a son and a daughter
I could have always done what I oughta, but (no) no
I've changed, ha ha ha, yes (yes) I've changed
I think you'll see what I'm talking about

I was filled with creative desire
I set my mommy's house on fire, I was strange
I had a love that wouldn't love me back
So I put her in a cement sack, I was strange, but I'm better
I could have been a good young American
I could have been a dime-store superman
An absolute gentleman of gentlemen's
But even better than that, I've changed
Changed, I've changed, cha-ya-ya-ya-yanged, yes I have

I used to think I had to toe the line
Stay right in step, everything's fine and I've changed
All these people tell me what to do
They're playing god with me and you
And I've changed, and it's better
Every now and then you wonder
Who is gonna steal your thunder
They're in and out, over and under
But I don't care about that, 'cause I've changed
Changed, I've changed, changed

Can't you see that I've changed, changed
I've changed, changed
Yes I've changed (changed) changed (changed)
Momma's gonna see you've changed (changed)
Poppa's gonna see you've changed (changed)
Oh cha-ya-yanged (changed) oh changed (changed)
Your momma's gonna see you've changed (changed)
My poppa's gonna see you've
Changed, changed, changed (changed)
Oh, changed, my song for a change (changed)
Ch-ch-changed (changed)

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