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​Fault Of Filth

This song is by Bound By Entrails and appears on the album For Valhall's Sorrow (2007).

A fallen species to be
Drag them down to the depths of hell
What have they, but weakness
Spelled out in the spines of filth

Forever they will breathe
Air not intended for them alone

Emotion is their weakness
What they call freedom
What they call their own
Undeserved power
Emotion is the weakness of the humankind

They treat their surroundings
As if it was created for them

Blinded by love,
By intuition
Eaten by guilt,
By sadness

Stricken with happiness,
Plagued by inhibition,
By conscience

Eternal darkness follows them

Abandoned consciousness
Forever in a dreamless sleep

Afraid there is nothing more
They think they're immortal