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As of 19:47, April 11, 2016 (UTC), we could not find reliable evidence that this song exists.
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Momma Said No

This song is by Bottom.

I wanted to live in a land of the bottoms but
Momma said no
I wanted to dance in the bottomly fields but
Momma said noooooooooooo

She said noooooooooo
And now I can't goooooooo
to laugh in the land where
the bottoms run free

She said nooooo
And now my heart is soggy inside of me
Cos' i knooooooooooooow
I won/t ever knoooooooooooooow
the joys the bums can give

So i sit in my room
With the music up loud
And i want to know

Theres a knock at the door
It's momma with my underwear
My bottom can't be free

She said noooooooo
And now i can't gooooooooo
To the land where
The bottoms run freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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