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Cool The Engines

This song is by Boston and appears on the album Third Stage (1986) and on the compilation album Greatest Hits (1997).

Original video
Now I like takin' off
Don't like burnin' out
Every time you turn it on
Makes me want to shout
We keep getting hotter
Movin' way too fast
If we don't slow this fire down
We're not gonna last

Cool the engines
Red line's gettin' near
Cool the engines
Better take it out of gear

I'm no fool
I'm gonna keep it cool
and take it day by day
We won't know where we might go
'Till we take it all the way

Take me for a ride
Take me all the way
Take me where I've never been
Someplace I can stay
Don't get yourself too hot
Don't get yourself too high
If we don't take it easy now
We can kiss it all goodbye

Cool the engines
Slow this rocket down
Cool the engines
Why don't ya take a look around

I'm no fool, gonna keep it cool
Take it day by day
We won't know where we might go
'Till we take it all the way

Cool the engines
Cool the engines
Goin' over the line
Goin' off the dial
Runnin' out of time
And it's gettin' wild

Got flashin' lights
Goin' 'round and 'round
Until we get it right
Better cool it down
Better cool it down.

Cool the engines.

And now we're on our way
No need to hurry just to get from day to day
And I, oooh, I know
We don't have to run that hard to get where we can go.

Cool the engines.

Cool the engines down.

Cool the engines.

Cool the engines down.

Written by:

Tom Scholz

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