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Over The Mountains

This song is by Bosson and appears on the album One In A Million (2000).

Oooh...Anywhere in the world I'll go for you

I've made up my mind I've packed my bags
I'm not returning home
Until someone will give me reason to
I lock the door and take a breath
I'm ready to let go, I know you'e somewhere out there too
there's only one thing for me to do
And I go

Over the mountains and over the sea
To find a heart that belongs to me
Anywhere in the world I go
Anywhere till I find you
I run through the valleys
I run through the fields
I'd do anything I am hard to please
And anywhere in the world I go
Anywhere till I find you

I fly like the wind
I don't know where my heart will lead the way
I need someone to love and hold on to
But the road is long I've had my doubts
But nothing lets me down cause
I know you're somewhere out there too waiting for me to get to you and I go...


It doesn't matter what
The time will tell
Cause love will make it worth it
For you, for you and me
It doesn't matter what the others say
Cause I will keep on searching
And I go and I go and I go...

~*Chorus*~ X 2

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