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Freestyle #18

This song is by Boss Hogg Outlawz and Slim Thug and appears on the album All Freestyles, Vol. 3 (2004) by Boss Hogg Outlawz.

The correct title of this article is Freestyle #18. Some symbols have been changed to their equivalent word due to technical restrictions.
(Chris Ward)
I'm in the place to be
Got all these major labels, chasing me
All these rappers out here, in a foot race with me
But I'm so far gone, it's like I'm out of space you see
I get love from kids, like they favorite video game
Be in your face like the top ten's, number one video mayn
You could tell by the slang, that I spit when I sang
It's nerve damaging, so don't let it get in your brain
My bullets'll tear through what you wear, if I spit at your frame
Have you walking fucked up, have you talking fucked up
Have you looking fucked up, 'cause I hit shit when I aim
I unload it and reload it, then I did it again
Your girl's on my dick, but I'm really trying to get rid of your dame
I get rid of hoes, the same way I get rid of cocaine
I put 'em on a plane, put 'em in the street
Put 'em out in the rain, put 'em out in the heat
Why these faggots out here rapping, for a piece and chain
I'm grinding with mine, rapping for a piece of change
And I don't let these niggaz feature me, on they monkey songs
Unless it's three feet or more, then I'm Donkey Kong
Jump all around on they tracks, like Donkey Kong
Beat 'em down and take they bananas, like Donkey Kong
Then I'm stomping on, to the next level
Cardier yellowstone gold, with the reversible bezel
Shit's so frosty, you'd think it's filled with blue pebbles
Game so cold, I can catch the Duke's Blue Devils
Now peep it, I spit top notch flows
While you kids playing around, with those hop-scotch flows
Playa, I got drop top flows
Which means you might see me spitting, 'em out a drop top Rolls
Plus I got hoes that'll rob you, and let the Semi spray
'Cause I got mo' hoes than a game, than the WNBA

Now who they want (Boss Hogg Outlawz)
Who, (Boss Hogg Outlawz)
Now who they want (Boss Hogg Outlawz)
We running this rap shit, 'cause we too gangsta for y'all

It's PJ, I dribble crossover and then shoot
Make a nigga rewrite his shit, when I step out the booth
I'm the truth, my shit give boys amnesia
Have 'em foaming out they mouth, like they having a seizure
I'll bleed ya, I ain't cutting boys no slack
If I cock my gat back, then some blood gon splat
I'm like that, bitch I've been thugging since 8th grade
Slanging and getting paid, fucking up niggaz fades
Working just like a slave, ain't no time for sleep
My mind is too deep, that's why I stay on my creep
Tote heat and bust, when I feel violated
Fuck a deal, I'ma mob underground till I make it
Boys be faking, but I'ma keep this shit true
Coming through without a clue, everything candy blue
I thought you knew, PJ 'bout it 'bout it
Stacking bank earning rank, sipping on my Hypnotic

Niggaz know, my click stay with the 'Matics
We cause so much drama, they calling us the Dramatics
I'm the underground dope boy, serving the adicts
One glimpse at the badge, and bitch you'll be a ashmatic
I'm a flow Picasso, painting niggaz pictures
With a uz' or a ruz', painting niggaz fixtures
That's what happens when a bitch nigga, get up in my mixture
I'll do 'em like that show hoe, Killa will dismiss ya
You fuck with Killa, the aftermath will be devastating
I know you don't want your spirit, in the sky levitating
I'm on top of my game mayn, plus my shit's elevating
While you niggaz sleeping, like a motherfucker meditating
I'm the truth nigga, listen to me demonstrating
Game's over bro, you just been eliminated
You can't clone Kyleon
My style's one of a kind my nigga, it can't be imitated

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