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∆eon III

This song is by Born of Osiris and appears on the album Tomorrow We Die ∆live (2013).

Lift from your informal lives
The sun will come to us to provide
As we form from the ashes
Burnt, reborn
This century will thrive

The divine mother of earth
Showed us the way - gave us birth
Provided us with reason
Gave pure life clarity
But the truth of conception
Lied in able man
So the age of the pleasant
Fell from the mother's hand
A new generation born
Resurrected as the sun
A new aeon has begun

Surrender to the gods
As you flow through
The river of the sky
Come forth and display
The proof of your innocence
To the judge of souls
Will you pass to the judge of souls

The secret of death is revealed
Complete emergence
Into affirmation of the bornless one

A new aeon has begun

The insight of man's word:
Destroy the light, shade the earth
But our sun, resurrected
Gives new life on this world

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