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The Fate of the Underachieved

This song is by Born in the Flood.

Such a big a shot feeling the blade as it runs right through your skin
Such a long way to fall down.
And on one hand one hand you got me so fired up again
Take a deep breath sit down
These aren't the words of a wise man
And you'd never ever stop
You replace growth with stumbling blocks
Finally found a way to get through it
But all the wheels are chalked
Standing's better than falling apart
Staring in the mirror with blood shot eyes
Thinking I wouldn't last less a break through would come
I made a list of things left for you
Aiming at myself with a weakened mind
Said fire when ready till empty
Only see the worst in me now shoot
Such a big shot I blame it all on the lack in the will of man
And if all hope would be bound
Such a long race I've kept my eyes on the distance as it stands
It's crushing my empty hands
Crushing my empty hands
Staring in the eyes of weakness like it never ever was
You were guessing I would soon give up
Pulling off the blinders still can't see which way is lost
Only wishing I'd find the end
There is no fear in love, there is no fear in love, there is no fear in love.
You had said that will was never enough I don't want it to be so hard
You had said that will was never enough

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