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Finding Beauty In A Broken World

This song is by Born Cages and appears on the album I'm Glad I'm Not Me (2015).

Tripped on honesty until I fell
I bid devotion a warm farewell
On love's cheek I gave a kiss
I never wanted them to seal my lips
The thunder grew closer and closer
A fighter's not always a soldier
And if I'm forced to see another starving girl
Looking for beauty in a broken world

The doves talk about us with sparrows
If only their vision wasn't so narrow
But she realized the key to happiness remains inside
Half persistence and half a lie
The sky was as thick as a brick wall
No cracks of sunlight or a phone call
And all she wanted was to be a different girl
Finding beauty in a broken world

Misery's a raging hurricane

And in these times I turn to poetry
Words moving externally
As the soul turns into metaphors
That describe what we've been waiting for
And when I found the missing key
Figured out I'm glad I'm not me
Didn't want nobody's sympathy
'Cause we're going up and breaking free
We're breaking free

Misery is a raging hurricane
It's a fire without a flame
Just another rolling stone

And loneliness is a scream without a sound
When you lose everything you've found
And this broken world keeps turning around

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