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Places To Kiss You

This song is by Boris and appears on the album Rely on Me (2004).

On a beach underneath the stars (we can do it)
On a swing in my back yard (i'll kiss you)
As we ride on a crowded train (we can do it)
In the aisle of an aero plane (i'll kiss you)

In the back of your mothers car (we can do it)
On the floor of a local bar (i'll kiss you)
Back at school on the teachers desk (we can do it)
On the front of a red corvette

On the palm of your hand, from the tip of your tongue
To the curve of your back I want to
Press my lips on your skin, that's what I wanna do
Keep dreaming about places to kiss you

Swinging high on a chandelier (we can do it)
Floating round on a gondola (i'll kiss you)
In the closet here in the back (we can do it)
Right in front of your girlfriends back

In the mall of America (we can do it)
I'll be kissing you everywhere (i'll kiss you)
Over here over there, round about everywhere
Any space that is free, will be invaded by me

(chorus repeat)

I love this dream I feel
I want this to be real
Places you can't see
My kiss will set you free

We can do it, we can do it

(chorus repeat)

I kiss, I kiss, I kiss, I kiss, I kiss you 4x

(chorus repeat)

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