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Ya Know the Rules

This song is by Boogie Down Productions and appears on the album Edutainment (1990).

Aiyyo, aiyyo Kris they know the rules
Hahahahaha, yeah ya don't stop (say what?)
A-ya don't stop (BDP in the house) a-ya don't stop
(Check it out, check it out...Yo, D!)
Yo bust it, yo yo Kris hold on
Let me give a shout out to some people, aight bust it
A Scott LaRock, and ya don't stop
A Sammy B, and ya don't stop
A Mister Cee, and ya don't stop
A Cool V, and ya don't stop
Evil E, and ya don't stop
A Easylee, and ya don't stop
A DJ Scratch, and ya don't stop
A Spinderella, and ya don't stop
Jam Master Jay, and ya don't stop
A PA Mase, and ya don't stop
So yo Kris, my mellow my man yo
Get on the mic and do the best you can

Verse One: KRS

Well, the teacher comes to you, in effect
From a different style, a whole different sect
I inject, force and intellect
When I hit the mic, suckers hit the deck
I come correct and practice what I preach
I don't pimp you or rule you I teach
Come through the doors and slap up whores
Ordering them to put back on their drawers
Cause, I run their pimp
When I leave he leaves with a limp

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