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Luck Of The Draw

This song is by Bonnie Raitt and appears on the album Luck Of The Draw (1991).

You dust the bottles on the bar counter
You're writing screenplays on the side
Three nights a week can keep a girl workin
Sometimes it's good to lose your pride.

These things we do to keep the flame burnin
And write our fire in the sky
Another day to see the wheel turnin
Another avenue to try.

It's in the Luck of the Draw, Baby
The Natural Law
Forget those movies you saw, little Baby
It's in the Luck of the Draw
The Natural Law
(flame keep on burnin)
Forget those movies you saw, little Baby
(wheel ever turnin).

You turn around and say it's last orders
You fix the ribbon in your hair
Tomorrow's letter by the hall doorway
Could be the answer to your prayers.

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