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The Last Thing I Do

This song is by Bonnie Pink and appears on the compilation album Bonnie's Kitchen #2 (2000) and on the compilation album Every Single Day: Complete Bonnie Pink (1995-2006) (2006).

It's time to close your eyes
and lie down by me
I try to say nothin' more
If you feel guilty
you can forget what you've done
But don't forget that I am here
While I was dreamin'
you were running in your head
Who the hell could've
stopped you getting worn out?
Who is to blame? Am I?
Maybe it's too late, or maybe it's not
I asked myself so many times in vain
Hugs, very kind words, lots of kisses
don't work anymore
I don't even know what to do
Do you know the reason why
I can still write and sing a song
Because music is everything to you
and I love you

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