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Merciless and Great

This song is by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and The Cairo Gang and appears on the album The Wonder Show of the World (2010).

In this building I meet other followers of your word
In these byways I hear voices I know I've never heard
In my mind I need to get my hands upon an end
In my room, without you now (Lord), let my firmness bend
Does she taste as sweet as she is to me in her love?
Can I hold her through the wicked storm I'm knowing of?
Will she fondly turn her eye to see me in my chair?
Will she come and lay her lengthy finger on my hair?
In this place I see a hundred others just like me
Big and bold, and firm foundation, resolute and free
Why do I fear a challenge?
Why do I fear age?
It's a moment, sound and strangle, writ upon a page
Take my hand, take my harm, and hold it to your jaw
Wrap my head in burly cloth and stroke it with your paw
Be forgiving, wisdom-doling, merciless and great
Single me out from the others with whom I relate
Though they're like-minded, keep our hours finally us alone
And hold me as the fire that brought us chars and takes us home


Written by:

Will Oldham

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