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Goat and Ram

This song is by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney and appears on the album Superwolf (2005).

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There is no God but God
God in your body which is mine
I'm in love with you, with God
With our children in time

And once you have given your body
And demand it, I give mine
We can be, you and me
With our children in time

Just like anything
Choice is neither yours or mine
To love with all that will be
With our children in time

I can give into you
Because I know that you are good
I can fall into you
Laying, loving you away through wood

Who are you, honey love
Sky above
Silver cross
Flower crossed

All is
All am
All is
Goat and ram
All is
All am
All is

Forever we watch things die
You hold me close
And so do I hold you

Although we walk away
We walk away in time
Rocks along the way
They rock and so do mine

I'm in love
And there's music playing
A whole new love is fully saying

Though fire burns
A wall is woven
The hands they strike but still there's loving

Music by:

Matt Sweeney Wikipedia16

Lyrics by:

Will Oldham

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