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Beast for Thee

This song is by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney and appears on the album Superwolf (2005).

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Why aren't you kind to me?
You could so easily
Take me in your arms and see
A donkey, a beast for thee

If you had half a mind
Leave worldly things behind
Devote to being kind
You to me, a beast for thee

Love in some way you choose
God's plan can easy bruise
One bone and blood mass we fuse
And I can be a beast for thee

I will toil for years and years
Give you muscle, tone and tears
Overcome and flay all fears
Leaving me a beast for thee

And at home on Wednesday morn
Astride my horny horn
You'll be in glory born
And I will be a beast for thee

Happily a beast for thee
Quietly a beast for thee
Endlessly a beast for thee

Music by:

Matt Sweeney Wikipedia16

Lyrics by:

Will Oldham