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Let's Start a Family (Blacks)

This song is by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and appears on the single Let's Start a Family (1999) and on the album Little Lost Blues (2006).

Saturday and we sleep late
Usually we're up by eight
A swim it calls, a swim awaits
No work to do today
Strange how you would stray
And drink and such odd things
This is what the city brings

Evening calls and old folks fall
The phone is ringing down the hall
I told my friends not to call
That you were getting well
You still refuse to tell
Where you'd been out so long
Coming home at dawn

Lately I'm forgotten here
Isolated, feeling queer
When you were looking in the mirror
Did you see the future's lies
They march right on in time
Straight into the pool
Oh so quick and cool


Written by:

Will Oldham

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