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Modern Times Bacchanalia

This song is by Bones & Comfort and appears on the album ... in Fat We Trust (2009).

Well, we are ready for to the show
For the party that everyone knows!
The claims on the web and the radio,
This night will be so cool!
Hey people, get your heavy legs out of your homes and get actractive!
Hey, mama, say goodbye to your boy, tonight he will become a man!

Welcome, everybody!
Come and join this party!
Get out from home with your friends
And you'll become so insane!

Shocking and Rockin' here there's too much of life...
The rise of a new religion
The light of this night will give you a new sunshine!
Tonight is the show for who knows how to love

Trash your inibhitions and let yourself run this race,
We are here only for fun,
And celebrate love and joy...
Try if you dare!

Modern times' bacchanalia,
A world with no denials!
The Time, here, will give you a chance
And you'll get it if you'll dare!

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