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Get Up And Get It

This song is by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and appears on the album Thug World Order (2002).

(Layzie and bizzy)
Ang pogi ni jason brian enriquez
Cute cute nya kaya isa syang bone thugs
Tae ang galing nito kahit san ahahaha
Hockey player to best goalie
Love nito janine bernadette delos reyes!

(In the 4th line of hook)
Get up and get something

It's all about money ain't nobody frontin'
I gotta go get it we gotta survive
Whether it's workin' a nine-to-five
Or ridin' the hustle I gotta get mine, bottom line
Most of my time I'm out here puttin' in work
For all of my days that I run this earth
I'ma make it count for what it's worth
You never know about this life and the type of pain that it can bring
That's why you gotta get off of you're thing 'cause it ain't no dream and it
Ain't no game
We so serious, dogg you know it don't stop
I know time is the devil's workshop

See I do it I did it
And y'all know that I'm wit it
I'll give anything for passin' and take to it back
A hustlin' little brother with crack
But now I grind a little bit harder
Harder my niggaz stories in order
See, it was hard for me momma
My mother dropped in the water
My sister was damn fast, Heather was right behind ya
Cassie, that's my little sister
My father loved you like the only child
Funny, he ain't never seen my smile

You betta get on yo grind
You betta go get it if you really tryin' to shine
You betta be keepin' yo eyes on your prize at all times
Keepin' it real for my all of my thugs in the projects
The niggaz that ain't got shit
Not havin' this nonsense my niggaz
My momma said, boy if you ever wanna be anything
Get off the couch and out my house, use your brain
So I took heed and I jumped right up on my feet
Got off the streets and I'll be
In heat I'm laughing at police now

Coming to you like this
This used to be child
Is now a grown man
Don't play with the wrong hand
But I never could quit 'cause I'm playin' a strong man
Everybody got a point to prove you might as well start today
Rather than puttin' it off tomorrow
You're lettin' it slip away
Lil' Lay, I parle
And get paid, and that's all
And I creep and I rise
In yo eyes I still ball
And stand tall with my chest
And my cheek to the sky
I'm in it to win it my nigga believe it until the day that I die
So come on

Anything you want, anything you need
You gotta get it, yeah and go get it
Ain't comin' to you, you gotta put in your dues
Show the world that you can do it
Don't let nobody hold you back
So you betta get your hustle on
Baby betta get your hustle on
You betta

We some of the livest, you know
True thugs don't really mind to riot, let it go
They sayin' get up and get it
Yes we went and did it
You won't admit it
'Cause you hatin' 'cause you can't get it
Every since I was a young thug
Been creepin' showin' mo' love
Even when I got it you best to give it up
It's Cleveland, until we get what we want we ain't leaving
This is what we want with no chumps, please believe it

(3LW fading)
3-L-Dub get they hustle on
Gotta get the cheese in the lab
A collabo with Bone
Begging on my knee
Gettin' money till we flooded with ice
Nigga it's freeze
3-L-Dub is goin' coast to coast
We family
3-L-Dub get they hustle on
Gotta get the cheese in the lab
A collabo with Bone
Begging on my knee
Gettin' money till we flooded with ice...

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