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Feel Better

This song is by Bodyjar.

Would it make you feel better
If I lied?
Try to hide the truth inside.
If only I could tell you

Would it make you feel better
If I left?
You thought of me as second best
Someone you knew from years ago

When everything you've ever known
Comes crashing down you feel alone
I sit and change the channels and complain

Would it work out?
Would you come back?
What if the empty feeling still remains?

Somewhere in time?
When I see you?
Would it be close enough to feel the pain?

'Cause I can hardly stand it what else can I do

Would it make you feel angry
If I confessed?
To all the things I never said?
Words I could never tell you.

If we just keep it simple
Let it rest,
Maybe I won't be depressed
And your better of without me.

When everything is touch and go
Your falling down, your feelin' low
And things are getting stranger everyday

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