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Doves Circled the Sky

This song is by Bodies of Water and appears on the album Ears Will Pop and Eyes Will Blink (2007).

Doves circled the sky
And light shone down
While we stood knee-deep in the stream

Chords rang out warm and clear
Sweet major chords
And they were ones and fours and fives

As we stood there, so straight and still
Our hair blowing softly
And our shirts and pants were all white
All linen and gleaming

Wind came out from the trees
A voice spoke out clear
It clearly spoke down from high above

"You are my chosen ones
Chosen to be
The way that you've already become"

Then the trees all groaned and they swayed
The wind roared, the earth shook
Then it all went quiet at once
The air cold and still
Then we all walked back up the trail
No one said a word
We got to the cabin and packed
We packed up our things

"You are my chosen ones
Chosen to be the way that you've already become
Yes, you're chosen to be
Chosen to stay the way that you have been all along

Once rehearsal is done
Open the gates
Let heaven's floodgates open wide
Now, rehearsal is done
Open the gates
Let heaven's floodgates open wide

Written by:

Kevin Metcalf / Meredith Metcalf / Jessica Conklin / Kyle Gladden

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