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Sister Sadness

This song is by Bobo In White Wooden Houses and appears on the album Mental Radio (2007).

Walk on by sister sadness
I'm through with you
I'm telling you
That I'm not listening anymore

Cause I'm sick of you
I'm telling you
Don't tell me you don't understand
If I'd only give you my finger
I know you'll come and take my hand

Walk on by sister sadness...

I'm sick of you
I'm telling you
Don't stay any longer by my side
If I'd give you my heart and my silver
You would come and take my pride

Walk on by...

I'm sorry, you've been a true friend, I know
But iI just can't stay longer by your side
All what's left to say is "I want to leave you"
Good bye, good bye

Walk on by...
Sister sadness

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