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​You're Messing Up a Good Thing

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album Lookin' for a Love Again (1974).

I keep on tryin' to make you believe it
Oh, girl lemme tell ya something
And I hope you understand
I wouldn't do anything to hurt ya'
'Cause I'm not that kind of man

Always accusing me, of saying I'm doing ya' wrong
If you don't believe I'm workin'
Then, why you're staying at home!?
Tryin' my best to give
But you twist around everything I said
Just to make me feel bad
Baby, Hey, Baby
Oh baby, yeah
Tell me how can we keep on fighting this way

I can't understand It

Oh girl I love ya
But it hate to see you cry
It's just as hard for me to cume home
As it is to say goodbye

Darling you're mine, I'm don't doin' what ya say I do
Girl I tell you everywhere I go, you can check it if you wanted to
Why do complain so much, job sacrificing too
Is it because you don't love me, as much I love you?

I keep callin ya baby
I keep on hopin' ya baby
Tell me how can we go fighting this way?
Oh baby, I just can't understand it
Can't understand ya, baby