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Love, The Time Is Now

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album Fly Me To The Moon (1968).

Love, the time is now
I heard somebody say
You had to get better after a while
But I say

Love, the time is now, yeah
Freedom for all
So hurry up change
If you ever gonna come

Love, love, the time is right now
Won't you please for me
Yessir, Yeah

Love, the time is right now
I heard somebody say
It's gonna be alright after a while

There's a cloud over head
And it's so dark and
Let my people go
Can't you see it's time and we're here

Love, love, love
Love, The time is now
I don't wanna leave you but I got to go

You've got the stars
Let's get an understanding
We're all sisters and brothers

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