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I'm Gonna Forget About You

This song is by Bobby Womack and appears on the album My Prescription (1970).

This song is a cover of "I'm Gonna Forget About You" by Sam Cooke.
I couldn't sleep, a wink all night long
Waiting by my telephone
You said you'd call me about a quarter to ten
Girl, you went somewhere and stood me up again
I don't know what you're gonna do
But if you stay, I'm gonna move!

I'm gonna forget about you

Listen, Don't try tell me that ya' saw it
Don't gimme that same old line!
"I know boy, if I take you back
You'd make me lose my my mind!"

I'm gonna, I'm gonna forget about you

I'm gonna snatch your picture of my wall
And then I'm going on out and have myself a ball
Too many fish in the deep blue sea
That's what ya doin' girl
Ain't gonna let you make a fool out of me!

I don't know what you're gonna do
This is the way I see it
You're tired of me
And I'm so tired of you! Baby!

I gotta gotta gotta, put you down
I'ts all over!
I'm givin' you your mind
I give you everything