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Mr. Blue

This song is by Bobby Vinton and appears on the album Blue On Blue (1963).

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(Mr. Blue, wah-ooh-wah-ooh)
(Mr. Blue, wah-ooh-wah-ooh)

I'm Mr. Blue
When you say you love me
Then prove it by goin' out on the sly,
Provin' your love isn't true
Call me Mr. Blue

I'm Mr. Blue (wah-ooh-wah-ooh)
When you say you're sorry (Mr. Blue)
Then turn around, head for the lights of town,
Hurtin' me through and through (wah-ooh-wah-ooh)
Call me Mr. Blue

I sit at home at night, (stay at home, wah-ooh)
Right by the phone at night (by the phone)
But you won't call
And I won't hurt my pride
(Call me Mr...)

I won't tell you (wah-ooh-wah-ooh)
While you paint the town (Mr. Blue)
A bright red to turn it upside down
I'm painting it too (wah-ooh-wah-ooh)
But I'm painting it blue (Mr. Blue)
Call me Mr. Blue (Mr. Blue)

Call me Mr. Blue
(Fade out)

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