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I Wanna Thank You

This song is by Bobby Rydell.

Artist: Bobby Rydell

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I Wanna Thank You
Bobby Rydell
Written by Mann / Lowe /Appel

Hah hah hah
Hah hah hah
Scooby dooby doo
I wanna thank you.

You left me made me blue,
Sat around and cried for you,
And then I dried my eyes
Found a girl that's paradise.

She's my lady, the greatest in town,
You know I wanna thank you, for puttin' me down.

This girl is sweet and true,
She treats me better than you,
You gave me my big chance,
And I found my dream romance

(Repeat verse 3 then 1)

Goodbye, farewell, so long,
You know you done me wrong.
It's all turned out right,
That girl has dynamite.

(Repeat verse 3 then 1)

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