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This song is by Bobby Helms and appears on the album The Best Of Bobby Helms (1953) and on the album Bobby Helms Sings Fraulein (1967).

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Far across deep blue waters, lives an old German's daughter
By the banks of the old river Rhine
Where I loved her and left her, but I can't forget her
I miss my pretty Fraulein.

FrauIein, Fraulein, look up toward the Heaven
Each night when the stars start to shine
By the same stars above you, I swear that I love you
You are my pretty fraulein.

When my memories wander, away over yonder
To the sweetheart that I left behind
In a moment of glory, a face comes before me
The face of my pretty fraulein.

Fraulein, Fraulein, walk down by the river
Pretend that your hand's holdin' mine
By the same stars above you, I swear that I love you
'cause you are my pretty fraulein.

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