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I'll Be Good To You

This song is by Bobby Brown and appears on the album Don't Be Cruel (1988).

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Since the first time we met
I told you how it would be
I got a lotta friends
That don't mean nothing to me

Don't need this garbage
I'll tell you what I'm going to do
Baby you know I love you
I'll be good to you

I'll be good to you

Girl I need you by my side
I need your lovin' all the time
But just try to understand me
Read me out, I love you, girl, without a doubt

I'll be good to you

Girl, when you're near me
I shiver and shake
And when your body's next to mine
It makes me want to break

I'll be good to you
You make me feel good

Because I love you and I squeeze you
And I like to have your love

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