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King Of Stage (1986)Edit

Bobby Brown - King of Stage
King of Stage
  1. Girlfriend
  2. Girl Next Door
  3. Baby, I Wanna Tell You Something
  4. You Ain't Been Loved Right
  5. King Of Stage
  6. Love Obsession
  7. Spending Time
  8. Seventeen
  9. Your Tender Romance

Don't Be Cruel (1988)Edit

Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel
Don't Be Cruel
  1. Cruel Prelude
  2. Don't Be Cruel
  3. My Prerogative
  4. Roni
  5. Rock Wit'cha
  6. Every Little Step
  7. I'll Be Good To You
  8. Take It Slow
  9. All Day All Night
  10. I Really Love You Girl
  11. Cruel Reprise

Bobby (1992)Edit

Bobby Brown - Bobby
  1. Humpin' Around (Prelude)
  2. Humpin' Around
  3. Two Can Play That Game
  4. Get Away
  5. 'Til The End Of Time
  6. Good Enough
  7. Pretty Little Girl
  8. Lovin' You Down
  9. One More Night
  10. Something In Common
  11. That's The Way Love Is
  12. College Girl
  13. Storm Away
  14. I'm Your Friend

Forever (1997)Edit

Bobby Brown - Forever
  1. Intro
  2. It's Still My Thang
  3. Feelin' Inside
  4. She's All I Need
  5. My Place
  6. Been Around The World
  7. Give It Up
  8. Happy Days
  9. Forever
  10. Sunday Afternoon
  11. Heart And Soul

Songs On Compilations And SoundtracksEdit

Songs Featuring Bobby BrownEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. All Is Fair
  2. Beautiful
  3. Don't Deserve You
  4. Exit Wounds
  5. Ghetto Child
  6. I Want You, I Need You
  7. Mr. Telephone Man
  8. She's My Lady
  9. Thug Lovin'

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