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Rise Again

This song is by Bobaflex and appears on the album Primitive Epic (2003).

Left for dead, when you struck me down

another one, crushed under your crown

But my heart still beats from underground

In this abyss, my technique becomes sound


What kind of man do you think I am

Unfold, diabolical plan

What kind of man do you think I am

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

But I return like the prodigal son

And I will rise again in time, cause

I am champion

Rise again

Verse 2

I've been biding my time, just watching and waiting

To strike from the darkness, when you are most lax

Your reign ends here

A nameless one that will bring your doom

My return is now in full bloom

A ghost from the past, who has to come back to

reclaim his place with a mask on his face

Repeat Chorus

Strike in the night and you leave like a dream

You cannot kill what you cannot see

A legend from far away will come to ask the question,

"Who is the Champion?"

Champion, where will he lead from here

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