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The Enemy Inside Of Me

This song is by Bob Schneider and appears on the album I Have Seen The End Of The World And It Looks Like This (2003).

Well I was broke down at Rose 'n' Bee
With a Puerto Rican speed freak
Aztec in my eye hole
Acid in the casserole

Money on the moon man
Molasses in the bed pan
I woke up in the bug bin
Dipped in nitroglycerin

You can be my peppermint
And I will be your fingerprints
Porky pig and ??
I'll lay you in the crib tonight

Dealin' with the Earth pig
Finger on the kill trick
Cake full of chocolate
Happy as a sea beet

?? Got no bones bitch
Got the sugar daddy sex twitch
Codeine by the table spoon
Sweeter than a honey moon

Siamese still born
By the milk and popcorn
Watermelon razor blade
Hide behind my window shade

I took a trip and went to see
The enemy inside of me
We had tea and a stack of OG
Sang a little song sound like a symphony
I dug a hole
Smoked a bowl
Get a cold
Dope pineapple flavored casserole
Took a trip to the bottom of the sun
All I really wanna do is have some fun
It may be wrong
But I believe
That one day the light everyone will see

Got the iron fist of Jesus
Holdin' up the sun
Even the devil needs some love
Just like anyone (what the fuck you talkin' about bitch?)

Unless it got the finger bones
That bend the wheel of fate
The angle of whatever
She wants to make of it

Boy punched his mother
Right in the back of her neck
Then he flew around the pool room
And paid her some respect

Well every time the clock ticks
It gets you closer to the grave
You might be leanin' into heaven
You might be too far gone to save

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